A great reminder of a time when life 
was simple and slower paced...
Art & Farm Market Events
9-4pm Saturday & Sunday

 Gift Certificates Available
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June 5/6
 September 18/19
  October 9/10  

We'll present to you the treasures
of our local artists, farmers and collectors 
 Come meet our Market Folks  
See their work and talk 
with them about custom work
Go back to the basics... Sit and enjoy coffee,
  hot sandwiches & soup, 
bakery and other refreshments
Check out our New Grainery Bar -
 Bloody Marys and Sangrias!
Bring family and friends to enjoy lunch and our
 live musicians while taking your time to
 Shop  - Relax  -  Create 

Artisans       -       Antiques      -      Vintage     -       Upcycled       -      Unique Furniture      -      One of a Kind Treasures
  Washington County & Holy Hill Art Farm Area Information
Shaped  by  the  last great  glacier, Washington  County's landscape is richly blessed with wooded hills, clear lakes, sparkling streams,  lush valleys, meandering rivers, burgeoning wetlands, and fertile farmland.  Here visitors  will  discover  culturally diverse  communities,  rural  parks,  historic sites  and  tranquil retreats located in a landscape full  of wildlife.  No  wonder it is  also  the  fastest growing  county in Wisconsin.  The Holy  Hill  Art  Farm is  located near the  Basilica.   This  shrine  sits  atop  a 1,350 foot   tall  hill,  offering  panoramic  views of the  surrounding  area.    Homes, churches and commercial buildings  built  by 19th century  German and Irish pioneers have been preserved, remain  in use and are  on view in historical districts found throughout this area.  

Visible for miles in all directions, Holy Hill beckon travelers to visit this special place. Tourists flock this area all year round but September and October are especially busy.   Once the leaves start to turn, there's not a better place in Wisconsin to soak up Mother  Nature's yearly canvas.

Holy  Hill  Art  Farm
~ Holy Hill Art Farm has been a dream come true for our  
5th  generation Loosen family members   
We cherish our agricultural and artistic family traditions 
Today our homestead again provides
 a rustic country setting for inspiration and creativity.
Farm Dinners 
Music Nights
Barn Dance

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